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I am not as pleased with this one mainly because I could not find screencaps for the movie. I looked and looked for some, but all I found were stills of the movie and had to work from those. Some of these I tried to pull the focus from the "main" character to something else. So the painting on the second row on the left, or the levers before the hand and then the people themselves (oh boy hierarchy). Whether I succeeded at this is left for you to decide. I might do a black and white set at some point, or one that focuses on a type of theme-even within the prompt. We will see-this is good practice for coloring and composition! I hope you like this rinhail; I will be sure to do better on the next two. If you would like to request a prompt for me-go here.

The Deep Blue Sea + Up Close & Personal requested by rinhail
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20 February 2013 @ 07:42 pm
Before I get too busy with school I wanted to give you the icons I have made thus far from the past week. All of these are either from the one screencap meme I did or from Hellboy Two: The Golden Army. I do not have too much but it was a good refresher to get back into icon making. I need to find some inspiration, though. However, that will have to wait until after my essay, and the next eighty-two pages I have to read by tomorrow.

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