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I have quite a few fan soundtracks going, most of which I am too lazy to post considering all of the work I need to do just to post it here. I have been posting some soundtracks at 8tracks but I have issues with their music uploader so I tend to just listen to them on my iTunes and call it quits. This fan soundtrack sprung up rather spontaneously so I have little to say as to its construction. My initial thoughts were creating a melancholy fan soundtrack for Alistair, or at least in part. Everyone has struggles, hardships, and the sad stories we all think are cliche. Per usual Patrick Wolf is featured on this soundtrack; I promise one day I will create a fan soundtrack without him. I have been wishing to do a black and white graphic fan soundtrack in awhile, so I decided to make this my first in a long time. There is a typo in the back cover which I will fix eventually; I am too tired right now to fix it, but not too tired to not acknowledge it. If I actually work myself up to it, I have at least three more fan soundtracks to post: one for Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect, Mass Effect as a whole, and Prince Nuada from Hellboy Two. When those will be posted - your guess is as good as mine.

Just as a side note here, I am linking my 8tracks for this particular soundtrack, however, for some reason The Enemy by Mumford & Sons does not seem to be working properly and I cannot explain why. It works perfectly fine on my iTunes and Zune but seems to have been scrambled on 8tracks; therefore, you will probably not be able to hear that song. Youtube has it though, so if you wish to preview it somewhere, try there. Also, because I am lazy tonight, I am only linking the download link and the listen link; I'll upload the lyrics to the songs tomorrow.

background images ©lord of the rings (gondor) & favim (notre dame) | leaf vector ©hereisfree | alistair screencap thanks to pixelcaps, alistair ©EA/bioware | texture resources are provided in the resources post.
these songs do not belong to me but are © to their respective owners.

A fst dedicated to Alistair from the video game Dragon Age: Origins&Collapse )
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So it has been around four months since my last post...? Hahah, that is way too long to leave you guys hanging. To those who have screencap meme requests: I have not done the screencap meme's so I apologize; I just have not kept up with those. This is not me saying I am not doing them, I am just informing everyone who has a request still active that I am not anywhere with the ones not already done, as I do them in one sitting and I did not have time to do them since four months ago.

Anyways, I am bringing a small icon batch everyone's way. This is an entirely video game batch. I honestly only manipulated around four images but, once again, I have a hard time deciding what I want as the final so I just make a ton of duplicates. I am going to separate the ones I will accept as my final image and the ones that are just mild manipulations of that icon. So expect about...five icons and about twenty-five manipulations between them. For Dragon Age: Origins one of my favorite characters is the Grand Oak Tree. I just find his rhyming adorable, and he is so sweet-tempered. I do not know how anyone could attack him, he is just so fantastic. If anyone has played Dragon Age let me know who your favorite character is and I'll try to do some icons of them!

and unless thou thinks it far too soon, might i ask of thee a boon?Collapse )
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