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016●my love, leave yourself behind

While my two months spanned into around four months--I am getting to posting icons that are recent and ones that I have had sitting on my hard-drive since earlier this year. I just now got back into wanting to even make icons; my life has been busy with college and so the summer is the time to reinvigorate my old loves.

Many of these icons are experimental by nature; I am trying to test my iconing skills and improve in coloring, positioning, and use of textures. Some are successes and others are moderate failures; either way I am quite proud of this batch even if it is mismatched foolery. I will continue to push myself to improve. Hopefully, when I am feeling creative I'll do some more icons for an entirely new batch.

Labyrinth, The Hobbit, and Thor 2

tv series
The Hollow Crown Series

actors/musical artists
David Bowie

video games
Mass Effect 2+3

comment & credit.
Tags: *varices, game: mass effect 2, game: mass effect 3, movie: labyrinth, movie: the hobbit, movie: thor 2, people: david bowie, tv: the hollow crown
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