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015●So why did you choose to lean on a man you knew was falling?

So it has been around four months since my last post...? Hahah, that is way too long to leave you guys hanging. To those who have screencap meme requests: I have not done the screencap meme's so I apologize; I just have not kept up with those. This is not me saying I am not doing them, I am just informing everyone who has a request still active that I am not anywhere with the ones not already done, as I do them in one sitting and I did not have time to do them since four months ago.

Anyways, I am bringing a small icon batch everyone's way. This is an entirely video game batch. I honestly only manipulated around four images but, once again, I have a hard time deciding what I want as the final so I just make a ton of duplicates. I am going to separate the ones I will accept as my final image and the ones that are just mild manipulations of that icon. So expect about...five icons and about twenty-five manipulations between them. For Dragon Age: Origins one of my favorite characters is the Grand Oak Tree. I just find his rhyming adorable, and he is so sweet-tempered. I do not know how anyone could attack him, he is just so fantastic. If anyone has played Dragon Age let me know who your favorite character is and I'll try to do some icons of them!

video games
Mass Effect 2+3, and Dragon Age: Origins | some of these I gave up on so - heheh...?


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