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screencap meme | closed

prompt: picspams of 6-10 caps that “[get] your PS senses tingling."

Looking Down
Bruised & Battered
Up Close & Personal
Full Body Shot(s)
Colours Abound (or Individual Colours)
My Emotions
Tickles My Pickle

I am willing to do the following movies/tv shows:
Wallander, Sherlock (BBC), and Merlin*
Pride&Prejudice, Lord of the Rings**, The Fall, Anonymous, and The Hobbit***, Captain America

*For the tv shows-you may pick a specific season/episode/character as well (if you want something specific in terms of what you want to see you may choose a season, episode from said season, and a specific character, however, I encourage to be given only one/two as it might get rather bland with such restraints. You may request a specific character in the movies as well.
**All three-specify which one or if you would like a combination then say, 'combination: titles'; yes, it may be all three if you desire all three.
***I only have the trailers for screencaps, so until the movie is offically released and it is capped-I only have the trailer screencaps to go on.

Feel free to send me a comment telling me the prompt you would like me to do with one of the tv shows/movies I wrote above. As the prompt states I will do 6-10 screencaps for said prompt. You may choose more than one prompt and movie/tv show for me to do (I encourage it even). If there is a movie/tv show I did not list but you think I would love to do-then suggest it! I will be sure to look into it, and if I have the screencaps, or can find them easily, then I will be sure to do it! I will be cross-posting these between tumblr and here. If I like them well enough-I will make icons out of them.

Requests: Current & Completed
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Ring + Faceless /Completed (lj | tumblr)
Sherlock + Up Close & Personal
Additional Information: Scotland Yard

The Hobbit + Bruised & Battered
Lord of the Rings + My Emotions
Additional Information: Rohan

Anonymous + My Emotions
Deep Blue Sea + Up Close & Personal /Completed (lj | tumblr)
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring + Scenerygasm
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